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In my experience as a journalist, I've been privileged to take a step into the lives of my subjects, become acquainted with municipal politics and policies, and honed my skill for interviewing and researching complex topics - while also dedicating myself to stories that interest my community. 

Below is a small selection of hundreds of stories I've penned in my time as a journalist, and some of my proudest.

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This 13-year-old is tearing up the tri-oval racetrack at Grand Bend Speedway this summer

She’s not old enough to have her driver’s license, but this summer she’ll be tearing up the racetrack at Grand Bend Speedway.

At just 13 years old, Alivia Curtis is gearing up for her first full season racing the big cars, bringing a fresh wave of enthusiasm to the track – by the time she hits the track on June 1st, she will be 14 years old.

Raised in the thick of Ontario’s racing scene, Alivia is no stranger to the sport, having grown up watching her family tear up the track.

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Ontario cracks down on impaired driving with tougher penalties: MADD applauds new measures

Legislation tabled in Queen’s Park yesterday (May 17) saw the Ontario Government looking to implement tougher penalties for those caught driving under the influence.

The proposed legislation includes mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices for those convicted of impaired driving. These devices prevent vehicles from starting if alcohol is detected in the driver’s system. Additionally, lifetime driving bans will be imposed on individuals convicted of causing death while...

County orders removal of 75 year old tree in Dashwood that the owner says is on his property

A main street reconstruction project in Dashwood has prompted protest from this local property owner, whose 75 year old tulip tree, has been slated for removal.

The property owner, Craig Munshaw, first learned of the tree’s fate during meetings for infrastructure improvements last November. Despite expressing concerns at public meetings and providing assessments from arborists indicating that the tree was healthy and would survive construction, Munshaw received extended periods of silence from county officials – with several months spanning between emails...

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Affordable housing projects in Huron County in jeopardy following provincial and federal funding disputes

Recent communication from Paul Calandra, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, ignited concerns at County Council on Wednesday (April 17) about a looming funding shortfall under Ontario’s National Housing Strategy.


The federal government has signalled intentions to withhold nearly $355 million in funding from Ontario due to inadequacies in meeting affordable housing targets....

Volunteers brave the cold to feed hundreds across Huron County with mobile food bank

In the heart of Huron County, a dedicated group of volunteers is making a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of families. Braving harsh weather conditions, this small team of about half a dozen individuals operates the Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre’s (HCFBDC) mobile food bank, reaching some of the smallest communities in the county.

Even with temperatures on Friday feeling around -20 with wind-chill, these volunteers gathered in the parking lot of a church in Centralia, to distribute essential food items to those in need. The cold has been a challenge throughout the last couple of weeks...


South Huron Council strikes down Grand Bend Sewer extension in close vote

In a surprising turn of events, the municipality of South Huron officially struck down the proposed Grand Bend Trunk Sewer extension during Monday’s (December 18) meeting, dismissing what Infrastructure Manager Don Giberson had hailed as a “huge win” for the municipality.


Despite an earlier recorded vote on December 6th, where all councilors, except Councilor Marissa Vaughan and the absent Councilor Wendy McLeod-Haggitt, recommended the approval of the project, Councilors Milt Dietrich and Ted Oke voted against the approval yesterday evening...

Local service organizations shine at Sunset Community Foundation Grant Awards

In a ceremony held on Wednesday (November 29) evening, the Sunset Community Foundation’s Grant Awards at the White Squirrel Golf Club became the beacon of hope for numerous local non-profits in the Grand Bend area.

The foundation distributed checks to deserving organizations, all based on meticulous grant applications submitted by the recipients...


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